Allow us to introduce ourselves.


We create things.

In the summer after seventh grade, we started hanging out, playing music, and making home movies together. Creating things became our bond

In school, we went the extra mile to make legendary videos for class presentations. We wrote and recorded songs, played concerts, and signed a record deal. Creating things became our passion.

With degrees in digital media, we now work together full-time, producing entertaining commercials on the web. Creating things has become our career.

We get noticed.

With a decade of experience making content for Vat19, we know how to attract billions of eyeballs to a brand and its products. We also know how to convert shoppers into customers – and even passionate fanatics. Our strategy has been refined through writing, shooting, and editing over a thousand unique videos.

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The founders and partners of Redding Creative

The founders and partners of Redding Creative


Jon Stamm

Partner, Operations


Danny Gula

Partner, Content


Joey Graves

Partner, Creative


We're affordable.

We proudly craft our work in downtown Belleville, Illinois – a suburb of St. Louis. Being located in the Midwest is one of our secrets to affordable productions.

Compared to the old-school industries in New York and L.A., we deliver world-class creative services much faster and at a fraction of the cost. We're a lean, young startup without the overhead of a bloated marketing company. We don't have committees. We don't have a crippling lease. We don't have air hockey tables.

When you call us, you'll speak with us. And we'll work together to make something incredible.

Gateway Arch – St. Louis, MO (photo by Sam Valadi)

Gateway Arch – St. Louis, MO (photo by Sam Valadi)


We reach people.

Redding Creative owns a handful of YouTube channels totaling 100K+ subscribers. Our flagship, Randomonium, is a fun variety show featuring games, challenges, products, and stunts. Jon and Danny each create unique content for their respective personal brands. Contact us to sponsor a video.

Jon Stamm


Danny Gula